I spend most of my time with a camera photographing this little explorer. Just yesterday, I shot at least 100 images of her – just eating ice cream. And while I have a huge archive of images of her, I almost never feel like sharing them online.1 This sometimes feels like a predicament, because I think, that it is some of the best work, I have ever done.

I have found other ways of sharing, though: I created photo books and made prints, and when family and friends come to visit, we look at them together. Observing people interacting with your work and seeing their reactions live and in person is great – and something that sharing online will never be able to give you.

  1. Sooner rather than later, she will be old enough to decide if and what she wants to share online. And I’ll make sure to be there, helping her to make an informed decision.↩︎

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