We made it back home, it was quite the journey. Especially the arrival in Germany was – let's say – a little chaotic. During the flight each passenger had to fill out a form about their health/COVID test results, which the flight crew gathered – only to be notified at the gate, that the border police needed to confirm each form with the passenger's ID. This was apparently a new rule, put into place yesterday and no one on board of our flight knew about this. Neither did the officers who had to sort through hundreds of forms to find the right one for each passenger as they deboarded the plane. We used our kids as a means to skip to the front of the line – otherwise we would have had to wait at least an hour or more. 😉

Unfortunately I didn't find the time to send out the first newsletter yesterday. I really wanted to send it out on October first, to get a quarterly schedule going, but I am confident that I will find some time over the weekend and finally get it done.

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