A funny thing happened during our photo walk this afternoon: At one point we wanted to enter Gruga through an entrance that only has an automatic gate for annual tickets. Sven's card wasn't working (even though it is still valid), so we decided to go through the gate together with my card. Turns out the turnstile turns quite quickly so only Sven got in. My card was now blocked for an hour. We then found out that the exit was locked with a chain, so Sven couldn't come back out! We decided to meet at the main entrance, to get his card fixed. We went our separate ways, but after a couple of minutes Sven texted me saying the way inside was completely blocked by a fence. He was basically trapped inside this small area of Gruga! When I got back to the automatic gate a family had entered and they were trapped now as well. We called the park office and they sent over security to open the gate and let everyone out. They told us that this gate should have been disabled so nobody would be able to enter, but it was remotely reactivated in error. 🤷‍♂️

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