Collection: Aile

«Aile» is the Turkish word for family. The posts below are part of my ongoing documentary project, started in 2019, about the Turkish side of my family.

Fruit vendor at nightfall, with fluorescent lights illuminating the produce Support pillars casting shadows on the roof in the evening light +3 Me, photographing myself through a mirror with a bare light bulb illuminating the room Fisherman walking in shallow water scanning for fish with his head lamp +2 Uncle Hüseyin milking the goat Silhouetted man starting a grill fire on the rooftop, purple sunset sky in the background +2 At the beack, tire marks in the sand, bright blue sky above Cat walking along the top of a wall between two curtains Looking out a window at the airport during sunset On the beach during sunset Removing leaves off a turtle hidden in a pile of leaves Hiding under the table Trees silhouette against a colorful sunset sky Fan in the foreground, mother and child taking a nap in the out of focus background Creating streaks of light with a flash light and a long exposure On the swing Holding fingers up in front of her face Curtains that protect the patio against the mid-day heat sway in the wind Kitten looking at the camera from below Street light illuminating the neighborhood A pack of fresh pistachios on a table Clouds in a colorful sky during sunset Huge cloud over a ship in the ocean in the far distance Sun reflecting in a window, and the moon high up in the sky Ulya, looking pretty Street with houses Mother and daughter looking over a wall View from the roof View of Adana, Turkey from above, out of a plane window Banana tree and a grey roof from above My daughter looking from behind the curtain Street in Erzin, white wall with a red door Feeding a little kitten with cat baby formula with a syringe The preserving jars and lids packed in plastic Stiring tomatoes in a pot with a hughe wooden spoon +2 Clear blue sky above houses and trees and a discolored roof in the bottom foreground Close up image of a white rooster Clear bowl of noddules on a red & white checkered tablecloth A flock of flying birds before a backdrop of pink clouds and a streetlamp with wires going in every direction Reault Toros logo on the dashboard, on the passenger side of the car Dede, in bee keepers gear checking one of his bee hives Hospital with the Turkish flag hanging above the entrance Pouring olives from a crate into a plastic bag

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