Collection: Self Reflection

Me, taking a mirror selfie in the all pink elevator in the nHow hotel in Berlin My reflection in the window of a bypassing train Silhouetted me with a bright building in the background, reflected in a window covered in black stretch film from the inside +7 Elevator mirror selfie Monochrome image of a window with a smiley painted on it, with a reflection of myself below Monochrome image of my and my two children, reflected in a window Jones, me and Tim in the elevator at My shadow on the road riding my bike My reflection in a parking lot mirror +2 Two cats and the photographer's shadow Me, shooting into an elevator mirror Shadow of my daugther and myself on our bike Me taking another mirror selfie at beyond tellerrand 2021 in Düsseldorf Reflection of my two girls and me in a window Climate strike activists in the background, my own shadow on the ground in the foreground Me, photographing myself through a mirror with a bare light bulb illuminating the room Me, photographing my baby girl and me through a mirror. Self-Portrait Mirror Self-Portrait

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