Collection: Street

Tree with a small birdhouse Sticker of a Jaws movie poster parody, where the shark is smiling. The north of Essen from above. Lots of rooftops and a thick cover of clouds in the sky. A person taking a selfie, while riding a ferris wheel. RWE-Turm in Essen shown through tree branches Almost silhouetted tree, shot upwards, with lots of branches. Silhouette of a tree against a clouded sky. A window with ivy growing all around it Trees in the wind. A smiling crocodile, painted at a wall between windows. Wooden jesus statue on a brick wall Rectangular building wall with a small cloud above it Museum Folkwang lettering seen on a brick wall A kid and his/her dad enjoying some live music A fisher, sitting and waiting A lamp, with bright sky with clouds and some houses in the background Handlebar in the foreground, street and another cyclist in the background On a foot bridge, bright clouds and trees in the background Foot bridge at dawn Woman walking through a cone of light Fogged up window with two stars Bike in front of a colorful background Building entrance, with leaves on the ground, dark Stacked plastic chairs wrapped in barrier tape, that's blowing in the wind, a brick wall in the background Two silhouetted figures, one pointing, on a huge steal construction Industrial chimney, seen through the branch of a Christmas tree Two people are seen from above, going down a narrow staircase in a massive industrial structure White, open umbrella, upside-down on dark ground, group of people in the background Lumi, balloon in hand, standing before and looking up a wall of lights Silhouette figure in King's Cross Station Ceiling at King's Cross Station Pink cherry blossom tree with pink carnival streamers blowing in the wind Train tracks +10 FridaysForFuture in Essen +14 A worker is standing on a scaffolding, with his upper body hidden inside the ceiling, while his colleague is watching from below +14 A man is cooling his head in a public fountain Estrel Hotel in Berlin is the venue for WordCamp Europe 2019 Tiger & Turtle, Magic Mountain in Duisburg +11 Leitz Park +15 Old water tower next to a circus tent +5 Two Kois swimming in dark water with some waterplants underneath At the market +10 A crow sitting on a streetsign, with a curved lamp post and a tree branch above it A silhouetted figure walks in front of a brighly illuminated white wall, with two cranes on either side An upside down rental bike sits on top of a temporary traffic light Climate strike activists in the background, my own shadow on the ground in the foreground Pepo, on a street at night, illuminated by his phone FridaysForFuture November 2019 in Essen +24 Tiger & Turtle +8 Shadows of people walking on a glas staircase, shot from below Woman looking at a stranded wale at a beach A plastic duck and a dog behind a window People walking along white marble wall and floor Old couple in their bathing suits, standing on the beach with their feet in the ocean A guitarist is playing for people seated at a restaurant in the streets of Seville Multiple diagonal escalators Couple about to kiss, behind a window coverd with raindrops Underground Waiting Parkour runners seen hanging off a wall with a sign saying Two construction workers taking a break Skating in Seville Two monks getting their picture taken at a temple in Angkor Wat Dude doing a kickflip from a rail Dirty see-through, subway station roof +1 In a subway stating, the escalator is completely covered in snow +3 Pigeons on a ledge inside Rüttenscheider Stern subway station Street and snow covered sidewalk in the foreground, trees and a large chimney with smoke plume in the background Snow covered car in the foreground, two figures walking across a bridge in the background +3 Someone added two pairs of googly eyes to a discusting stain on a wall to make them look like two characters next to each other Colorful but dirty noise protection walls between Autobahn lanes Schild U-Bahn-Haltestelle Martinstraße über dem Aufgang zur Straße Light falling into the subway stating from the street level above A blue webbing from a construction site is covered with raindrops, street in the background A couple walking over a bridge with smoke coming up in the background +1 Somebody lost their dentures, and someone else found them and put them up on a post in a clear plastic bag. How nice of them. Zeche Zollverein industrial complex +9 View from the subway leaving Messe-West/Süd-Gruga Station in Essen Corona test center inside a caravan Zeppelin in the sky, framed by trees +1 Villa at the beach +1 At the beach +2 Watching the ocean At the beach, with a container ship way out at see, and hints of an off-shore wind park in the distance Tiny dog on a long leash on an almost empty beach Sign at the beach that allows swimming on the left, but not on the right side A sea gull, only a few meters above our heads, ready to pounce on our lunch Domburg beach during sunset +2 +2 Row of houses beneath a sky with white clouds Fridays for Future Demo in Essen on September 24th, 2021 +19 Two workers clean the stairs of a subway station in Essen Numbers 1 to 10 written on the street with chalk and the feet of a person running by My silhouetted self reflected in a train window in Essen main station A tree's shadow on a church's brick wall and the moon in the corner of the frame Three windows ontop of each other reflecting the blue sky Bright flag poles in front of a dark building +2 Dark street, with the lights of a car streaking by, dark field and sky in the background My shadow behind a railing on the street below A pylon and an orange line on a wall A dandelion in a ray of light, with dark shadows left and right Overhead shot of a flock of birds flying over a wall against a clear sky except for a small batch of white coulds Besmirched street level junction box infront of a green hedge, infront of a modern looking building The Tetraeder in Bottrop +5 On the bridge over lake Baldeney Zeche Zollverein +9

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