We went to the weekly pazar yesterday. I realized that all the potato vendors had put up yellow sheets to block the sun, whereas everyone else was using white or black sheets. I wonder why that is. Does yellow do some special shielding or is it to make the produce look more delicious? The image obviously shows garlic, but you can see the yellow tint and the potato vendor in the background.

Completely unrelated: I made a YouTube video yesterday to show the basics of our photo proofing plugin picu. It feels extremely awkward talking into a camera, but I guess it makes sense to have a video. The people I showed it to, say it's fine. And the plan is to make even more. Might as well get used to it. 😬
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That being said: He once managed to post daily for 365 days, which he is still incredibly proud of. You can read more about that heroic feat on his other blog.