Collection: Aile

«Aile» is the Turkish word for family and the working title of an ongoing documentary project I started in 2019.

+2 Legs of my wife and daughter in the ocean +1 +1 Ocean side promenade with a singular palm tree during sunset; gentle waves across the sea. Image of my children and their grandma from above while they are gardening +3 A volunteer steers food in a massive pot inside the Gönül Mutfağı (tr. +8 +2 +3 Inside of a tent, with a fan, a table, and a toilet chair My father-in-law at the barber shop, getting his ear hairs burned off Legs of my daughter on a swing, seen through a door way My daughters looking into a window of a pet shop, which is filled with cages full of budgies +1 +1 +1 Rusted gate to great grandma's garden A turtle crossing the street My daughter on a disc swing in our hallway Dark clouds over the neighborhood Ali Amca picking oranges +3 Highrise apartment buildings in the Cukurova neighborhood in Adana during twilight hour A rundown basketball court in the Cukurova neighborhood of Adana, Turkey A crack in the wall next to the apartment door Old Panasonic vcr playing +1 My daugther looking into the window of the local pastane A photo of the great-grandparents I took a couple of years ago is now displayed in a frame that is slightly too big Trees with their head chopped off in the neighor's yard Pigeons sitting on power lines infront of a blue sky Aparment buildings in front of a ocean sunset Two cats and the photographer's shadow Heaps of garlic at the local farmer's market My father-in-law in the mountains above the clouds View of Izmir out off an airplane window The neighborhood in warm sunset colors My daughter flying her kite Rays of sunlight are visible through thick clouds above the ocean A black and white cat looking up at the camera '92 Renault Toros, at the end of the road up in the mointains Mosque with a bright, white roof is seen between many houses with red roofs, moutains in the mist in the background Me, shooting into an elevator mirror Orange trees as far as the eye can see, a line of palm trees just before the horizon Sunrise behind the mountains seen through the gap between two high-rise buildings Ocean sunset A blue sky with big white clouds above the mountains in the background, a singular, thin tree sticking out between other trees and houses +4 Hamsi dish with side salad and lemon An almost purple sky above appartment buildungs in the background, a palm tree framed playground lit by yellow street lamps in the foreground Pealed orange pieces in the afternoon sunlight next to a red blossom A poster of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is seen next to posters of various disney characters above a kindergarten entrance Calm, blue ocean in the foreground, people bathing in the middle ground and two large ships docked and misty mountains far in the background Celal sharpens the chain saw with a file Kitchen in mixed light of the yellow street lamp and the purple sunset A white and a green budgy in a cage Grapes Remains of a white rooster, head, legs, feathers, pretty much alle the things not eaten in Turkey A barren field leading to an antique aqueduct in the distance A small blut/white striped wall prevents direct access to the ocan, with a red cargo ship way off in the distance Quails in their coop Sun illuminating a close-up of a banana tree leaf Piles of sacks full of olives waiting to be processed in front of the factory +6 A huge baking tray full of börek, with some pieces missing My daughter, silhouetted, playing in the ocean, with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop Two houses beneath a sky full of puffy clouds, illumated by the setting sun. Outside veranda, with lots of tables set up waiting for the first guests to arrive, with a nice view on Dörtyol and the mountains behind it all +1 A fruit picker is loading baskets full of oranges onto a truck +4 The tinsmith and his wife applying a fresh tin-coat to a huge pan Shopping street during sunset A pedestrian passes by the market area +2 A rusty fence, palm tree and blue sky Dark clouds over the roof tops Pouring olives from a crate into a plastic bag Hospital with the Turkish flag hanging above the entrance Dede, in bee keepers gear checking one of his bee hives Reault Toros logo on the dashboard, on the passenger side of the car A flock of flying birds before a backdrop of pink clouds and a streetlamp with wires going in every direction Clear bowl of noddules on a red & white checkered tablecloth Close up image of a white rooster Clear blue sky above houses and trees and a discolored roof in the bottom foreground Stiring tomatoes in a pot with a hughe wooden spoon +2 The preserving jars and lids packed in plastic Feeding a little kitten with cat baby formula with a syringe Street in Erzin, white wall with a red door My daughter looking from behind the curtain Banana tree and a grey roof from above View of Adana, Turkey from above, out of a plane window View from the roof Mother and daughter looking over a wall Street with houses Ulya, looking pretty Sun reflecting in a window, and the moon high up in the sky Huge cloud over a ship in the ocean in the far distance Clouds in a colorful sky during sunset A pack of fresh pistachios on a table Street light illuminating the neighborhood Kitten looking at the camera from below Curtains that protect the patio against the mid-day heat sway in the wind Holding fingers up in front of her face On the swing Creating streaks of light with a flash light and a long exposure Fan in the foreground, mother and child taking a nap in the out of focus background Trees silhouette against a colorful sunset sky Hiding under the table Removing leaves off a turtle hidden in a pile of leaves On the beach during sunset Looking out a window at the airport during sunset Cat walking along the top of a wall between two curtains At the beack, tire marks in the sand, bright blue sky above Silhouetted man starting a grill fire on the rooftop, purple sunset sky in the background +2 Uncle Hüseyin milking the goat Fisherman walking in shallow water scanning for fish with his head lamp +2 Me, photographing myself through a mirror with a bare light bulb illuminating the room Support pillars casting shadows on the roof in the evening light +3 Fruit vendor at nightfall, with fluorescent lights illuminating the produce

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