Collection: Commute

Photos taken during my daily commute.

My daugther wearing her mouse backback, waiting for the subway to arrive A leaf attached to a car Corridor with colorful tiles in a subway station A single leave on a car's trunk Silhouetted me with a bright building in the background, reflected in a window covered in black stretch film from the inside +4 Monochrome image of the top of a highrise building before a clear sky, with a single cloud reflecting in the windows From above: escalator stairs next to regular stairs My shadow on the road riding my bike My daugthers sitting at the front door of our house in the morning, waiting for me to get the bike out +1 Neighborhood mini market during night time, with a dog and its master walking past A red sale banner, a red sale sign, a red traffic light, a red stop sign, and red tail-lights Autobahn from above, lanes divided by colorful… dividers in blue and yellow Discarded multiple plug thing in a plan Mark on the pavement left by autumn leaves +5 Monochrome image of moss on a tree, with a car parked right behind the tree Hairdresser window with tree vertically aligned example images of hair styles on the left, a Christmas tree in the middle and an image of another model on the left Monochrome image of the front of a convenience store (mini market) after dark being illuminated from inside, with beer crates in the window High rise residential building during twilight, with some of the aparments illuminated from inside Monochrome image of an open light sign +2 Monochrome image showing multiple stickers on a traffic light post saying During a brick house has the upper corner window illuminated, the other windows reflect the blue sky A bright orange tarp, half covering bulky waste, eg. an oven, a handrail in the foreground, brick wall in the back A car parks right in front of the no parking sign Parking garage at the office Messe West / Süd Gruga subway station in Essen Small withered plant on a windowstill +3 A tree, a smokestack and a few lamp posts A red leaf on a partially wet street Shadow of my daugther and myself on our bike A mask sign in the form of a heart Statue of Mary infront of a brick wall A sculpture with a mirrored ball on top infront of a clear blue sky Autobahn with colorful noise insulation walls between the lanes shot from above

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