Collection: Wrestling

Documentary style images taken at the monthly wrestling events held by wXw Academy in Essen. “Scouting the Next Generation” is a platform for new talents to show their skills and allows them to perform in front of a live audience. I created the zine Diamonds in the Rough with images from this – still ongoing – project.

A wrestler, doing a cork screw from the top turnbuckle, mid-air, spectators around the ring, watching in awe Three wrestlers lock up Wrestler Francis Kaspin takes a selfie with a fan Wrestler Daniel Sparks charging at Fynn Freyhart who's hung up on the ropes Sequence 1 of 5: Wrestler Matthias Bernstein is about to powerbomb his opponents Maggot and Prince Ahura +4 Vinny Vortex shows his academy cup trophy +8 +8 +9 +9 Norman Harray, wXw Academy +9 Levaniel +10 wXW Wrestling +7 wXw Wrestling +9 wXw Wrestling +3 Lukas Robinson vs. Georges Khoukaz +9 wXw Wrestling +16 wXw Academy Wrestling +9 wXw Wrestling Academy +9 wXw Academy Event +9 wXw Academy Wrestling +9 Avalanche vs. Anil Marik +9 wXw Academy Wrestling Event +9 wXw Academy Wrestling +9 wXw Wrestling +9 wXw Wrestling +9 wXw Wrestling +10 A package, containing copies of my first photo zine +2

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