We went to Iskenderun yesterday. Ulya found a project she wanted to support through the donations she collected earlier this year. We got a tour around one of their kitchens. One of the initiators, who came here from Ankara right after the earthquakes, told me, that they started their efforts by basically breaking into the building and just started cooking. (Official help arrived way too late.) Now they run three kitchens in total, where they prepare 200.000 meals1 per day (!) – all through donations and volunteers from all over the world (from Nepal to Canada). Some of the volunteers sleep in the same building or in tents outside. Ulya gave 40k TRY of the donations to their cause, which – I think – is very well spent. Ulya has some more impressions (video) over on her Instagram.

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  1. There was a communication error on my part: An earlier version of this post stated, that they serve 300.000 people, but they actually prepare 200.000 meals per day – which is still incredibly impressive.↩︎
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