Collection: Color

Pink cherry blossoms on a car's rear window Dark green canvas covering the sandbox, with three plastic sand toys and some gunk on top +1 +2 Colorful windows of the local fire station in Murten, Switzerland Orange glowing stopping sign in a blueishly illuminated bus A smiley sticker on a wet, rear window of a car A tree in full boom in front of Edinburgh castle, with a pedestrian walking by carrying a shopping bag Prison wall with barbed wire and a flood light on top My daugther looking into the display-window of a shoe store +1 +1 +4 +3 Sven, in profile, taking a photograph, with a crimson background +1 +1 Colorful building overgrown with plants and a column of windows, illuminated by blue light Neighborhood mini market during night time, with a dog and its master walking past A red sale banner, a red sale sign, a red traffic light, a red stop sign, and red tail-lights Autobahn from above, lanes divided by colorful… dividers in blue and yellow Highrise building during the beginning of twilight A blue and green shimmering trail of oil on a wet street +14 Four yellow trunks rise up to a blue sky filled with soft, white clouds An pink, neon open sign hangs in a shop window Looking out a window with a broken mosquito net, where leaves have started to accumulate in the rips Bright blue space hopper covered in frost laying on frozen gras The dirty, orange roof of a shipping container, housing a Corona test center, is seen from above – the lower half of the image is occupied by an out-of-focus windowsill covered in matching orange leaves Yellow leaves on a tree branch brightly illuminated by the sun in front of a dark background A tree with a red heart painted on it An illuminated ferris wheel is reflected on a cars windshield and hood Ferris wheel in blurred motion, covered in red and blue light during night time Half of a ferris wheel in blurred motion, covered in red and purple light next to a glass facade building, during night time Ferris wheel in blurred motion, covered in blue light +2 A rusty part of yellow painted machinery with a weathered sticker that advises the operator to wear head, eye and ear protection During a brick house has the upper corner window illuminated, the other windows reflect the blue sky A bright orange tarp, half covering bulky waste, eg. an oven, a handrail in the foreground, brick wall in the back A car parks right in front of the no parking sign A rusty drain pipe running along side a non-rusty drain pipe Purple splash of color against a yellow and red wall Small withered plant on a windowstill A red leaf on a partially wet street Autobahn with colorful noise insulation walls between the lanes shot from above A pylon and an orange line on a wall Two ducks and a red box on green grass in the evening light Sea of blossoms in our backyard Branches full with cherry blossoms Shadow are seen through orange curtains Three windows ontop of each other reflecting the blue sky Colorful leafs frame a tree root covered in green moss Domburg beach during sunset +2 View from the subway leaving Messe-West/Süd-Gruga Station in Essen A couple walking over a bridge with smoke coming up in the background +1 Alex taking Tim's portrait A blue webbing from a construction site is covered with raindrops, street in the background Colorful but dirty noise protection walls between Autobahn lanes Dirty see-through, subway station roof +1 Ulya and Suvi looking out the window at a colorful sunrise Crossing clothes lines before a clear, blue sky Silhouetted greenhouses below a blue sky with some clouds Tree standing in brightly colored autumn foliage, the shaow of a neighboring tree crossing A man, wearing a high-visibility vest, seen through a frosted glas door Stacked plastic chairs wrapped in barrier tape, that's blowing in the wind, a brick wall in the background Bike in front of a colorful background Lumi hiding behind a yellow curtain Fogged up window with two stars Foot bridge at dawn

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