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Various street photos

+1 +2 People going up and down escalators at the Berlin main station, photographed from above A vendor at the night market prepares sushi My daughters on their scooters +4 +5 Silhouetted me with a bright building in the background, reflected in a window covered in black stretch film from the inside My daugther is about to walk into a puddle, wearing her new rubber boots +3 +4 My daughter holding her wodden toy camera +2 My daughter on her balance bike Dramatic coulds over a building flanked by trees Monochrome image of a window with a smiley painted on it, with a reflection of myself below My daughter balancing on the curb Colorful windows of the local fire station in Murten, Switzerland +4 Orange glowing stopping sign in a blueishly illuminated bus +2 A smiley sticker on a wet, rear window of a car A tree in full boom in front of Edinburgh castle, with a pedestrian walking by carrying a shopping bag Prison wall with barbed wire and a flood light on top The Autobahn Construction site equipment behind the glass of a tram stop From above: escalator stairs next to regular stairs House number 20 on a brick building My daugther looking into the display-window of a shoe store +1 +4 My daughter walking alway from the camera, along Folkwang Museum, her reflection seen in the glass railing on the right My two daugthers and their grandma on a wodden jetty next to a lake, watching ducks in the water +3 Sven, in profile, taking a photograph, with a crimson background +1 +1 Window ledge covered with leaves with spikes of pigeon defense peaking through Gray building shot along one edge from below My reflection in a parking lot mirror A bunch of white goods (fridge, wasching machine, oven and dishwasher) on the curb Neighborhood mini market during night time, with a dog and its master walking past White pebbles with the remnants of a Christmas tree sprinkled in between Discarded multiple plug thing in a plan Mark on the pavement left by autumn leaves +5 Monochrome image of moss on a tree, with a car parked right behind the tree +2 Monochrome image of a branch with a couple of snowberries, looming through a metal fence An asortment of discared garden gnome-type characters and animal figures (including a full-size cow), neatly arranged on a lawn at the civic amenity site Monochrome image of a shopping cart in front of a desolate building entrance +14 +3 +4 +5 The dirty, orange roof of a shipping container, housing a Corona test center, is seen from above – the lower half of the image is occupied by an out-of-focus windowsill covered in matching orange leaves Monochrome image of rooftops in heavy snowfall, a ferris wheel is seen in the background +3 +2 +4 A tree with a red heart painted on it An illuminated ferris wheel is reflected on a cars windshield and hood +4 +13 Discarded wooden box, tagged Monochrome image showing bleak looking facades of houses, shot from the roof Ferris wheel in blurred motion, covered in red and blue light during night time A cardboard box sits between two dumpsters; it has three holes that make it look like a shocked facial expression Half of a ferris wheel in blurred motion, covered in red and purple light next to a glass facade building, during night time Ferris wheel in blurred motion, covered in blue light +2 A rusty part of yellow painted machinery with a weathered sticker that advises the operator to wear head, eye and ear protection Silhouetted reflection in a puddle of water of someone taking a picture, the persons shoes are also seen, standing in the puddle +8 Fridays for Future Demo in Essen on September 23rd, 2022 +16 Single lamp in a window Purple splash of color against a yellow and red wall Zeche Zollverein +9 On the bridge over lake Baldeney The Tetraeder in Bottrop +5 Besmirched street level junction box infront of a green hedge, infront of a modern looking building Overhead shot of a flock of birds flying over a wall against a clear sky except for a small batch of white coulds A dandelion in a ray of light, with dark shadows left and right A pylon and an orange line on a wall My shadow behind a railing on the street below Dark street, with the lights of a car streaking by, dark field and sky in the background +2 Bright flag poles in front of a dark building Three windows ontop of each other reflecting the blue sky A tree's shadow on a church's brick wall and the moon in the corner of the frame My silhouetted self reflected in a train window in Essen main station Numbers 1 to 10 written on the street with chalk and the feet of a person running by Two workers clean the stairs of a subway station in Essen Fridays for Future Demo in Essen on September 24th, 2021 +19 Row of houses beneath a sky with white clouds +2 Domburg beach during sunset +2 A sea gull, only a few meters above our heads, ready to pounce on our lunch Sign at the beach that allows swimming on the left, but not on the right side Tiny dog on a long leash on an almost empty beach At the beach, with a container ship way out at see, and hints of an off-shore wind park in the distance Watching the ocean At the beach +2 Villa at the beach +1 Zeppelin in the sky, framed by trees +1 Corona test center inside a caravan View from the subway leaving Messe-West/Süd-Gruga Station in Essen Zeche Zollverein industrial complex +9 Somebody lost their dentures, and someone else found them and put them up on a post in a clear plastic bag. How nice of them. A couple walking over a bridge with smoke coming up in the background +1 A blue webbing from a construction site is covered with raindrops, street in the background Light falling into the subway stating from the street level above Schild U-Bahn-Haltestelle Martinstraße über dem Aufgang zur Straße Colorful but dirty noise protection walls between Autobahn lanes Someone added two pairs of googly eyes to a discusting stain on a wall to make them look like two characters next to each other Snow covered car in the foreground, two figures walking across a bridge in the background +3 Street and snow covered sidewalk in the foreground, trees and a large chimney with smoke plume in the background Pigeons on a ledge inside Rüttenscheider Stern subway station In a subway stating, the escalator is completely covered in snow +3 Dirty see-through, subway station roof +1 Dude doing a kickflip from a rail Two monks getting their picture taken at a temple in Angkor Wat Skating in Seville Two construction workers taking a break Parkour runners seen hanging off a wall with a sign saying Waiting Underground Couple about to kiss, behind a window coverd with raindrops Multiple diagonal escalators A guitarist is playing for people seated at a restaurant in the streets of Seville Old couple in their bathing suits, standing on the beach with their feet in the ocean People walking along white marble wall and floor A plastic duck and a dog behind a window Woman looking at a stranded wale at a beach Shadows of people walking on a glas staircase, shot from below Tiger & Turtle +8 FridaysForFuture November 2019 in Essen +24 Pepo, on a street at night, illuminated by his phone Climate strike activists in the background, my own shadow on the ground in the foreground An upside down rental bike sits on top of a temporary traffic light A silhouetted figure walks in front of a brighly illuminated white wall, with two cranes on either side A crow sitting on a streetsign, with a curved lamp post and a tree branch above it At the market +10 Two Kois swimming in dark water with some waterplants underneath Old water tower next to a circus tent +5 Leitz Park +15 Tiger & Turtle, Magic Mountain in Duisburg +11 Estrel Hotel in Berlin is the venue for WordCamp Europe 2019 A man is cooling his head in a public fountain +14 A worker is standing on a scaffolding, with his upper body hidden inside the ceiling, while his colleague is watching from below FridaysForFuture in Essen +14 Train tracks +10 Pink cherry blossom tree with pink carnival streamers blowing in the wind Ceiling at King's Cross Station Silhouette figure in King's Cross Station Lumi, balloon in hand, standing before and looking up a wall of lights White, open umbrella, upside-down on dark ground, group of people in the background Two people are seen from above, going down a narrow staircase in a massive industrial structure Industrial chimney, seen through the branch of a Christmas tree Two silhouetted figures, one pointing, on a huge steal construction Stacked plastic chairs wrapped in barrier tape, that's blowing in the wind, a brick wall in the background Building entrance, with leaves on the ground, dark Bike in front of a colorful background Fogged up window with two stars Woman walking through a cone of light Foot bridge at dawn On a foot bridge, bright clouds and trees in the background Handlebar in the foreground, street and another cyclist in the background A lamp, with bright sky with clouds and some houses in the background A fisher, sitting and waiting A kid and his/her dad enjoying some live music Museum Folkwang lettering seen on a brick wall Rectangular building wall with a small cloud above it Wooden jesus statue on a brick wall A smiling crocodile, painted at a wall between windows. Trees in the wind. A window with ivy growing all around it Silhouette of a tree against a clouded sky. Almost silhouetted tree, shot upwards, with lots of branches. RWE-Turm in Essen shown through tree branches A person taking a selfie, while riding a ferris wheel. The north of Essen from above. Lots of rooftops and a thick cover of clouds in the sky. Sticker of a Jaws movie poster parody, where the shark is smiling. Tree with a small birdhouse

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